The Purpose of this Buyer’s Guide

This quick hand sanitizer station buyer’s guide is designed to make selecting the perfect hand sanitizer station for your business, school, or organization painless. By the end of this breakdown of the key features to’s lineup of sanitizer dispensers, you’ll be ready to make that decision.

Hand Sanitizer Station Features

“Touchless” Automatic Dispenser

WPG hand sanitizer stations automatically sense motion and engage the sprayer. Releasing the perfect amount of sanitizer every time. This “touchless” technology means users’ hands make no contact with the dispenser itself. Helping to prevent potential contamination of the station’s surface, and reducing risk of infection.

Refillable Reservoir

WPG hand sanitizer stations feature a refillable reservoir. The reservoir holds liquid or gel hand sanitizer varieties (both nozzle options are available.) Sanitizer refill can be poured directly into the tank’s wide-mouth opening on top of the unit. No more frustration sourcing and changing out refill bags.

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Removable Reservoir & Nozzle Assembly’s hand sanitizer dispensers have a removable reservoir and nozzle assembly for easy refilling and cleaning. The detachable assembly makes refill a breeze in mounting locations where space is limited. No more wasteful spilling when refilling the tank with sanitizer. Maintaining the cleanliness of the assembly is pivotal to functionality and cleaning is uncomplicated since the assembly can be removed.

Two Power Options

Depending on where you intend on mounting the dispenser, you will have to think through how to get power to the unit.’s hand sanitizer stations have two power options built into every model. When a wall outlet is available, use the included power cord. If an outlet is not available, you can power the dispenser via three C batteries. These power options make repurposing the station in another location straightforward.

Two Mounting Options

When selecting a hand sanitizer dispenser, you need to consider the location you will be mounting the unit. WPG has two convenient mounting options available. The wall mount is perfect for classrooms, bathrooms, and offices where it can be mounted up and out of the way from users’ normal activities. The floor mount is great for waiting areas, or anywhere lines of students or customers congregate. The free-standing floor model is commonly utilized in building entrances where a convenient wall location is not accessible.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Refill Combo Comparison

Hand sanitizer station

Are you mounting the station to a wall? Would a floor stand be a better option for your purposes? The above comparison chart of’s hand sanitizer station line up is broken up by what is included for each available WPG model. Pick the sku that has the desired nozzle, mounting and refill types.

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