As Illinois moves into new phases of our reopening plan, the humans of have been consulting with McHenry and Lake County Illinois school districts, retirement communities, and local businesses. We recognize sifting through the confusing guidelines and recommendations for your business or organization can be exhausting. has your business or organization’s back with this handy list of relevant reopening links.

World Health Organization – Strategies & Plans

Reopening Illinois

“This strategic preparedness and response plan outlines the public health measures that the international community stands ready to provide to support all countries to prepare for and respond to COVID-19. The document takes what we have learned so far about the virus and translates that knowledge into strategic action that can guide the efforts of all national and international partners when developing context-specific national and regional operational plans.” –

Phases to Reopening Illinois

Reopening Illinois

“Restore Illinois is about saving lives and livelihoods. This five-phased plan will reopen our state, guided by health metrics and with distinct business, education, and recreation activities characterizing each phase. This is an initial framework that will likely be updated as research and science develop and as the potential for treatments or vaccines is realized. The plan is based upon regional healthcare availability, and it recognizes the distinct impact COVID-19 has had on different regions of our state as well as regional variations in hospital capacity. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has 11 Emergency Medical Services Regions that have traditionally guided its statewide public health work and will continue to inform this reopening plan. For the purposes of this plan, from those 11, four health regions are established, each with the ability to independently move through a phased approach: Northeast Illinois; North-Central Illinois; Central Illinois; and Southern Illinois.” –

Reopening Guidelines by Industry

“Under the Restore Illinois framework, certain businesses and activities are allowed to resume in Phase 3 and Phase 4 with IDPH-approved safety guidance in place. For the purposes of this site, we will be providing guidelines and tools for various industries based on which phase of the plan the state is currently in.” –

Center for Disease Control

Reopening Illinois

Relevant Links Index

“Communities, Schools, Workplaces, and Events. Information for Where You Live, Work, Learn, and Play” –

60 Page Reopening Initiatives PDF

From PDF “CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting the COVID-19 Response and the President’s Plan for Opening America Up Again… As businesses and other organizations gradually open after the COVID-19 related slowdown, they will need to consider a variety of measures for keeping people safe. These considerations include practices for scaling up operations, safety actions (e.g., cleaning and disinfection, social distancing), monitoring possible reemergence of illness, and maintaining health operations. ” –

Reopening America Guidance PDF

From PDF “This guidance is intended for all Americans, whether you own a business, run a school, or want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your home. Reopening America requires all of us to move forward together by practicing social distancing and other daily habits to reduce our risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. Reopening the country also strongly relies on public health strategies, including increased testing of people for the virus, social distancing, isolation, and keeping track of how someone infected might have infected other people. This plan is part of the larger United States Government plan and focuses on cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools, and can also be applied to your home.” –

Answers to FAQ for Administrators, Teachers & Parents

What should administrators do to prepare for 2021 school year? How should parents talk to kids about COVID-19? Answers to these questions and many more can be found at the CDC website link below.

Reopening Illinois – WPG Consulting Services

Reopening Illinois

We want to be available for our community schools, retirement homes, and businesses to consult on what is the best unique approach to PPE and protection as we are reopening Illinois. Call us today, to find out how WPG can help your organization or business stay compliant and protected.

Steve Jergensen, President

Our team offers free consultations with organizational & business leaders to discuss CDC compliance goals for their business or organization. Our partner customization expert specializes in MDF, Acrylic, & CNC fabrication built to each customer’s specific guidelines.

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